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Saturday, August 7, 2004

Country United States of America

Emerald Park, Little Rock (link)

Walking down the path near Emerald Park, you can find not only this odd bunker which has long been sealed up, with no way to look inside (attempts have been made by myself but I'm just too short to reach the small openings at the tops of the walls). There is an ominous feeling about this place; there are also odd concrete structures with no innards, an old sewer system with only one opening that seems to have caved in, and further down the trail, a bridge in the middle of the woods which goes nowhere and was never finished (the places where the workers would have sat (railroad ties hung on iron ropes) are still hanging from the bottom of it.) Nothing about this place makes sense. Where does the door go? What is this half finished bridges' purpose? Who built these things? These answers will probably never be found and before long, the trees will reclaim the land once again.

Submitted by
Matthew Trevino

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