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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Those Damned Shirts

These days, everybody's got a damn website and along with it, they're flogging some crappy shirts or mugs through one of those overpriced-mass-produced-by-your-grandmother fulfillment sites.

We'd like to believe that we're above all that, that we stand taller than the rest, that we have stronger principles and do what we do for the sheer fucking delight of it all...

Nope. Guess not. We got shirts and other crap for sale, just like every other asshole out there.

Sorry. Best we can all hope for is that somewhere out there, there's a sweatshop full of fingerless children painstakingly screen printing our stuff for pennies a day . . . but the likely reality is that it's probably all automated now. Damn computers're taking everybody's jobs.

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