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Monday, November 26, 2007

Country Chile

Santiago (link)

This entrance is located at Villa Portales, Estacion Central, Santiago, Chile, South America. I'd like to call it "ocnuchuch". To normal people, it looks like the entrance to a service room for janitors. In fact, the only way to access the actual entrance to hell is by walking down the frontal wall using suckers, body horizontal. Don't use the stairs, or the entrance won't open before you. This entrance has long been forgotten, and only a single map made in the 70's has it anymore. However, it saw lots of activity when the land still belonged to the ancient San Jose de Chuchunco ranch-estate, as there was a lake with a "Cuero" in it. I think it has radiation equal (in spectrons) to the cube root of Euler's constant to the pi-th power.

Submitted by
Luis Alejandro Gonzalez Miranda

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